If Jack can help your audience address a challenge or move toward an important goal, he may be a fit for your event.

Jack’s presentations are funny, memorable, and insightful; most importantly they are actionable. People walk away with a new perspective and tools that are instantly useful. Jack’s wide experience as a founder, leader, board member, and operational lead help him connect with every attendee.

  • The Most Expensive Sentence® on Your Team

    The Most Expensive Sentences® on Your Team

    Do clichéd wisdom and common business phrases serve your team well, or lead you astray? Jack reveals the surprising impact of out conversations and how improving our language can transform companies and lives. Discover:
    • The silent sabotage of phrases that we hear (and say) every day
    • How to instantly distinguish wise guidance from toxic advice
    • A simple, memorable framework to guide your team to better decisions

  • Getting the Buyer to Root for You

    Getting the Buyer to Root for You

    Jack’s two decades in procurement have led to keen insights on the buyer’s POV. Competitive selling is not a fair game, and the path to being the favorite vendor is both counter-intuitive and surprisingly simple. Audiences learn:
    • The magic phrase that puts you in instant trusted advisor status
    • The biggest mistakes that salespeople continue to make
    • How to describe your profession in a way that attracts customers and referrals

  • Creating Your 60-Day Savings Plan

    Creating Your 60-Day Savings Plan

    Jack has led over two hundred CEOs and owners through this practical workshop of identifying waste and savings opportunities, and most participants have quickly identified five-figure opportunities. Attendees discover:
    • The overlooked but profit impact of savings
    • Where to find the biggest, quickest savings
    • How to make an action plan that will generate results

In 2016 Jack achieved a Net Promoter score of 83, meaning nearly all attendees would recommend him to colleagues and friends. Jack’s signature presentations center around his books, each of which has been an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

  • “Clear and concise.” J. Beattie

  • “Incredibly practical advice that I will take back and implement.” C. Matz

  • “Interactive, engaging approach.” S. Ryan

  • “Loved the presentation and overall discussion.” D. Barnett

  • “Practical & useful information to be immediately applied.”- R. Taylor

  • “It got me rethinking.” C. Mulligan

  • “It was excellent. All of it.” J. Thomas

  • “Well presented, great messaging, accurate thinking, professional.” J. Hibma

  • “Well organized, great examples, useful tools that can be put to use.” P. Lenni

  • “Clear and inspirational concepts.” – U. Hurt

Every presentation is tailored to the audience and the goals of the host. What remains constant is Jack’s wit, approachable style, emphasis on value and decision-making, and specific action steps to ensure that every attendee will find the presentation not just entertaining, but useful.

What’s it like to work with Jack and his team?

You can expect communication to be prompt, clear, and cheerful. The speaker is low-ego and low-maintenance. We will have an initial conversation or two to ensure that the goals for the event are clear and that Jack has a valuable message to bring to the audience.

If Jack speaks at your event, he will invest time getting to know your audience and your goals, and will tailor his message for the maximum impact. We will set up a dedicated web page for your attendees with materials and slides, and Jack will help you promote the event (if you like).

How much does it cost to get Jack to speak?

The range for a speaking engagement is $9,000 – $15,000. Some of the factors that determine the fee are schedule, location, audience, length, and topic.

What’s the first step?

If you are hosting an event that might be a good fit, the first step is an email to check schedules, and then a conversation to discuss your objectives.

Upcoming Events:

June 6th 2017

Baltimore, MD
Regional Client Conference

November 16, 2017

Huntington Beach, CA
Packaged Ice Ass’n Centennial

August 15th 2017

Dallas, TX
Regional Client Conference

February 2018

Tallinn, Estonia
Keynote at Supply Chain Conference

October 19th

Tulsa, OK
CEO Forum Group