Profit Jump-Start: Capture Savings while Building Skill

If your savings efforts aren’t getting traction, the Profit Jump-Start can be a low-cost way to reduce expenses quickly while improving your team’s capabilities in expense management and negotiation. This program includes a spending analysis, creation of a Savings Plan, and coaching and support to guide your team to quick wins and greater profitability.

Guaranteed ROI of 300%

The Profit Jump-Start guarantees a 3x return: at least $30,000 in captured savings. The cost for this program is $9,900 for a five month engagement. You may download the 1-page agreement to review terms.

Contact Jack @ with any questions or to discuss.

Team Training for Better Decisions & Greater Impact

Decision Leadership. This training in goal-based decision-making includes four modules: Neuro (brain & bias), Econ (value & total cost), Team (share goals & effectiveness), and Impact (applying learning to high-impact decisions).

Negotiation and Buyer Training. Integrity-based training conducted in the Europe and US. Includes modules: See the Surplus, Know Thy Benefit, Push the Potential, and Capture Value.