Expensive Sentences

Expensive Sentences exposes the clichéd wisdom that often leads to lost time, money, and opportunity. Readers will discover how to identify common decision-making pitfalls in real time, and learn to guide teams back to fact-driven thinking and better outcomes.

Through historic examples, business stories, and personal episodes, the author illustrates the prevalence and impact of flawed reasoning. Chapters include sample text to improve conversations and exercises to correct assumptions and clarify solutions.

How Smart Companies Save Money

Why is it that for every book written about buying, there are over 100 books about selling? In this liberating, practical book, Jack Quarles reveals the profit impact of savings and simplifies the overly-complex field of expense management to three simple paths: Conserve, Compete, and Commit.

The book defines and illustrates twenty-five specific savings tactics. Smart Companies shows the C-suite the importance of good stewardship, and gives the operational team practical steps to improve profits.

Same Side Selling

How many books about selling are co-authored by a professional buyer? As far as we know, the list ends with Same Side Selling which details an integrity-based approach to sales and high-impact client relationships. Jack teams with international sales trainer Ian Altman to provide a refreshingly candid look at the reality of selling to companies. Included are frequent insights into the buyer’s perspective, and illustrations of real conversations that frequently occur between buyer and seller.

Dan Pink says that Same Side Selling contains “the tools and insights you need to move from a winner-take-all perspective to a win-win for all concerned.”